For all the social dance classes in Ithaca, Ballroom - Latin / Salsa Dance in Ithaca, Swing Dance in Ithaca, as well as Cornell, and Ithaca College.
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Serving the regions of Ithaca, Binghamton, Cortland, Dryden, Elmira, Owego, Syracuse, and Waverly.  With clubs - alumni in Buffalo, Miami, New York City, Rochester, Toronto, and Washington DC.
Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian with 41 years of experiences in teaching all the traditional and popular social dances.
Ihaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian.
Children's Dance Hour..
All American Dance Troupe.
Class Dance Class Schedules: Latin Dance Classes, Swing Dance,ad Lindy Hop Dance Classes, Ballroom Dance Classes, Hip Hop Dance Classes.
 Ithaca Dance Performance Network.
Dance Degree Programs.
Private Dance Lessons Ithaca.
Private Dance Competition Lessons Ithaca.

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Telephone Message Service for class registrations only ( 607 ) 279 - 9945

Everything in dance lessons in Latin/Salsa, Ballroom, Swing - Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, and Modern including competition and performance levels.
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Wedding Ballroom Dance Classes $10.00/4 Dance Lessons see:
Also available Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israeli Centered Folk Dance Specials.
Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian's Mission: Teaching since 1969-started at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Washington, D.C. Ithaca's most experienced teacher in the social dance. See resume.
A Dance instructional service that focuses solely upon the clients' rights to self - determination in dance, this is the basis of each dance interview which is co - conducted in the initial 4 lessons for each client, while at the sametime to maintain Ithaca's first economic based tutitional costs program.
.  The TBA/4 dance lessons introductory orientation specials are an important part of Ithaca's Social Dance Economy Program established in1997.
Privates start @$40.00 plus rentals and per diem  Privates after August 1st, 2010 will be $ 50.00/hour.
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Dances Taught:
Latin Dance:: The Salsas~~ Mambo, Son Montuno , Guanaca-Gunarcha~~ Son de Cuba, American Rumba, Argnetine Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Cumbia, Bachata, Son, Gunaguancha, Paso Doble, Bolero,  Flamenco.  Merengue,  Samba, Bosa Nove, and Lambada. Mambo 2
Ballroom:: American Smooth-Waltz, American Tango, Foxtrot, International-Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz.. Argentina Tango ::
American Folk:: Swing Dance, Jitterbug, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Polka.
Club:: 60s-70s Disco, Hip Hop, and Techno.
Movement:: Lyrical Dance, Modern Dance, Latina Danza de Arte, and Israeli Folk Dance.
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Salsa Forums :  Articles and discussions about all styles of salsa - on2, LA style, Casino.
Areas Taught-Performed & Visiting Students, and the growing e-network alumni:
Albany, Ann Arbor,  Atlanta  Atlanta,  Baltimore,  Buffalo,  Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdle, and Miami Florida; Washington, D.C.;  Las Vegas; Los Angeles Atlantic City; Waverly, Buffalo   Columbia,  Columbus, Deposit, Rochester, Skeneateles, ,  Aurora, Syracuse,  . Rochester, Trumansburg, Elmira  Niagara Falls, Cortland ,  Owego,  Dryden, Cayuga Heights, Cornell University,  Ithaca College,  Montreal, State University of New York at Buffalo, State University College at Buffalo, University of Rochester, New York University, New York City, Troy, Utica; Sayre, Harrisburg; Toronto,  Dance Toronto,  Montreal, Niagara Falls; Acapulca, and Mexico City; San Juan Puerto Rico; , Norfolk, and ; New Areas are: Binghamton,  Owego, Albany, Paris France, a,  Dallas , Chicago,  Rome,  London, St. Catherines, Tokyo, Rostov on the Don, Kiev,  Tel Aviv, Smolensk, Pittsburgh, and more additions coming.. Economy Privates work..The Rostov Dance Club.
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A Supporter of The State of Israel..see Israel Information Center Ithaca.
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