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Latin / Salsa Dance at Glen Echo Park Photo: Sally Ehrlich





Ithaca Dance Classes

Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy


Modern Dance





Traveling to see top dance performances is more than just seeing sights and eating well. It's also about meeting new people, both community locals and fellow dance fan travelers.


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Martha Graham

Comtemporary Modern Dancers:

Mikhail Baryshnikov January 27, 1948, Riga, Latvia

Josphine Baker

A Historic Romantic Look !


She started a whole new tradition, along with Merce Cunningham, in modern dance.  The romance they saw in differing free flow of movements necessitated needed new teaching and dance technique combinations.  Thus began a new era in dance.


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Mikhail Baryshnikov is presently making a comfortable transition from world class dance star to a major - up coming force in modern dance choreography.  Moreover, his foundation, The White Oak Project,  is at the center of his public service to an America that has become his home.

Alvin Ailey Dance Company
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Alvin Ailey is on the Left.
He is directing in this photo.

The Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe:

Here we might include links to the web pages of some of the people we met, or to the web page of a local business owned by one of our new friends.

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The American ( Ithaca ) Social Dance Economy Program: Based on the 4 Dance Lessons for $ 10.00 Orientation Dance Specials. Contact ithacadance@aol.com Tel: 607 279 9833

All Dance Classes are held at the Club Euphoria Dance Club ( Masonic Building ) Location cross Cayuga and Seneca, Ithaca, New York











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