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7:30 PM Swing

7:30 PM Latin / Salsa Orientation Dance Special

7:30 PM Ballroom Orientation Dance Specials

7:30 PM Hip - Hop





8:30 PM Ballroom Basics, Intermediate, & Advance.

8:30 PM Latin / Salsa Basics, Intermediate & Advance.

8:30 PM Ballroom Basics, Intermediate, & Advance.

8:30 PM Latin / Salsa Basics, Intermediate, & Advance.













How Students are introduced to Dance and Dance Degrees. 

Teaching based on various degrees of dance is a scholar - scholastic pedagogic approach to teaching and its socio-cultural achievements are varied. Introducing in coming clients to the Dance Orientation Specials gives each client the necessay knowledge on " how " to decide more effectively " what " are their goals in dance.  This centers on the client's right to self-determination-something in which each client is educated during these critical 4 hours in the orientation program.  After which various programs are available, at first limited within the American ( Ithaca ) Social Dance Economy Program of 38 hours of instruction - cost average is $ 3.80 /hour.  Then comes mini degrees called Associate Program to full degrees.  The medalist system is used by every professional social dance school, as both the instructor and client alike are then focused on dance excellence.

The Arthur Murray approach has been at the heart of every other dance school's system of teaching social dance Nationally and Internationally.  Yet additional teaching techniques here at this school are also applied.  Thus you have the traditional comparative - interrelated approach of teaching, and then in addition this is further  modified by gestalting.

Gestalting - Gestalt in this case is the application of visual literacy of musical movement, emotional logos ( Viktor Frankle ), in the motion of dance depicting an image or images which are being assimilated into ones language base.  Thus a holistic approach in learning has the additional inclusion of visual memory, and emotional connection to the music and producing the physical response to a final personal " client centered " representation being expressed.

Economy Program, Associate or Full Programs in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Star and Theatre Arts Standards. Thus everything from easy affordable basics to competitional and performance levels are similarly taught in this manner.

Continuing efforts have been made to do additional research on teaching methodologies, and what has emerged is a distinct pedagogy.  One---ie---in which certain sounds of music has a commonality of how the general population precieves them, and produces the same physical reactions giving commonality to visual references-usually in the same manner too! Emotional ids, and personal drive - reactions are also similar too!

Everything is viewed as having focus and once probed into its basis, different influences emerges-whether they be taught, inspired by pioneering, imagined, or felt.

As Arthur Murray, as well as Fred Astaire Dance Studios have warned about and what ......" You May Want To Know
8 out of 10 dancing schools in America were started by people without any previous or adequate dance training. They simply decided to hang out a shingle and teach. No license or examination is necessary. Anyone without any dance knowledge or training can profess to teach dancing. "

The real difference is immediate once you are given the tools needed for your " own " private research, and then doing so with in the specifics which are all inclosed during our Orientation Dance Specials.  Moreover, and once the attitude and knowledge of what a pedagogic approach is understood by the client, the impact upon the client is magnified, and a fundemental change in the dance publics' self perception emerges all based upon the client's right to self-determination. Mr. Roger Meredith Christian [ click on thumbnail photo above for dance resume ], Dance Director. 

Now serving the central New York region:   Binghamton,    Cornell University,   Cortland,    Elmira,   Ithaca College,    Owego, and Syracuse.




The American ( Ithaca ) Social Dance Economy Program: Based on the 4 Dance Lessons for $ 10.00 Orientation Dance Specials. Contact Registration and Online Payment - Reservations Tel:  607 279 9833

All Dance Classes are held at the Club Euphoria Dance Club ( Masonic Building ) Location cross Cayuga and Seneca, Ithaca, New York

Everything in dance classes and private lessons in Latin/Salsa, Ballroom, Swing - Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, and Modern including competition and performance levels.











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